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Bill (Homepage) hat am 08.08.2018 20:56:05 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Marcia (Homepage) hat am 17.05.2018 15:02:53 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Lavern (Homepage) hat am 13.05.2018 13:30:39 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Miguel (Homepage) hat am 12.05.2018 13:13:03 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Philomena (Homepage) hat am 12.05.2018 11:16:14 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Vera (Homepage) hat am 06.05.2018 17:56:28 geschrieben :

International Arms and Militaria Fair Ebernhahn Germany
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Nany hat am 10.09.2014 11:30:50 geschrieben :

It was really worthwhile.
We had an interesting and very nice day in Ebernhahn. Many exhibitors and there was a lot to see.

We will be back again at the next appointment!

It was really worthwhile.


(translation from our german website)

Stefan from Limburg/Lahn hat am 10.09.2014 11:27:13 geschrieben :

One of the best in Germany !!!
This time it really was a skillful and very nice militaria show in Ebernhahn !

So far, for me one of the best in Germany!

kind regards

(translation from our german guestbook)

Ralf M. hat am 10.09.2014 11:24:13 geschrieben :

For me the best Militariafair in Germany !!!
I was already totally thrilled with the latest Spring Market in EBERNHAHN. I had not have thought that a further increase could be possible.

With the second hall with numerous exhibitors, the show has reached a reasonable size. Also a driving from a longer distance is worthwhile.

The selection was great and beside Markus Eifler were also other well-known german Dealers such as Helmut Weitze and Patina Ritscher represented. I marvel much konntedort and buy again some beautiful pieces for my collection.

Also I can only say: THUMBS UP FOR EBERNHAHN ... in my opinion the best Militariabörse in Germany !!!

For me personally, the show in EBERNHAHN was much better than the militaria-show - one week before - in KASSEL. In KASSEL only one exhibition hall was filled almost half. I also had the impression that in EBERNHAHN have been much more visitors than in KASSEL.

I have spoken to some collectors and they believe - as I do - that the show in KASSEL - especially if it is placed a week before EBERNHAHN - will have no future. The start of KASSEL was before - in terms of visitor numbers - extremely modest. Whether the weak sales in KASSEL much of the dealer comes back next time, I doubt it.



(translation from our german guestbook)


Andreas (SDA Forum) hat am 10.09.2014 11:12:58 geschrieben :

The fair has pleased me very well.

the journey was pretty stressful at noon on Friday, but I could take some nice things with me in my bavarian homeland.

The fair has pleased me very well.

But at he next time I have necessarily to plan more time for the Ebrernhahn-Show.



(translation from our german guestbook)

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